How to update Manager Attribute in Active Directory for Bulk users

Couple of days ago I was asked to make some AD bulk change.

A list of users that is currently residing in different OU’s have a particular manager. This manager has left the organisation. I know have to change the manager of this users to a new managers.


This bulk work is done via powershell AD-user module.

Open a powershell module from a Domain controller. And perform below


First, get –ad user then filter to their current managers name and then set new manager


Below is the command I used, Do not use full name of the managers, instead use the user name of the managers

Get-adusers –filter “manager –eq ‘username’” | set-aduser –manager username –passthru | get-aduser –properties title,manager | select name,title,manager


As you can see, I am changing all the users managers from “ekrassas” to “dcareymunro. The passthru command is to force the change and the rest of the command is to display the newly applied changes.

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