How to mail enable already created AD users in Bulk


Exchange management Shell

AD OU Name


Open Exchange management shell

Get a list of users who is not Mailbox Enabled for a Particular OU, & belong to a particular Department. For this we need to use Filter syntax. The command will look like below

get-user –organizationalUnit people | where-object{$_.RecipientType –eq “User” -and $_.department –eq “Sales”}

Now we will enable/create mailbox for these users, using the below syntax

get-user –organizationalUnit people | where-object {$_.RecipientType –eq “User” -and $_.department –eq “Sales”} | Enable-Mailbox –Database “EXCHANGE1\Mailbox Database” | get-mailbox | select name,windowsemailaddress,database

A good link to follow is below

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