How to Bulk import DHCP Reservation of IP Address that is not leased out yet

Create an excel spread sheet, the data value of the excel spreadsheet must be like below

ScopeId,IPAddress,Name,ClientId,Description,,Computer1,1a-1b-1c-1d-1e-1f,Reserved for Computer1,,Computer2,2a-2b-2c-2d-2e-2f,Reserved for Computer2,,Computer3,3a-3b-3c-3d-3e-3f,Reserved for Computer3

Below is a screenshot of what the excel sheet should look like

Important – Scope ID should be the first octate of the subnet. Generally 0 in most cases

Save the excel sheet in .csv format

Log in to the DHCP server

Open Powershell

Disable powershell security by running below command

Set-execution policy remotesigned
Set-execution policy unrestricted

Now navigate to the location where you saved the above .csv file and run the below command

Import-csv example.csv | add-dhcpserverv4reservation

In my case the location of the csv file was C:\Temp
So my powershell command looks like below


Important thing to remember, as you can see above, make sure all the mac address is correct, otherwise you will get error message like above.

If you want to know what commands are available for powershel module for DHCP server
Then open powershell and type below command
Get-command –module dhcpserver

You should be able to tab your way through the command most of the time.
Enjoy powershelling.

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