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There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper – Server 2012r2

Fix non-replicating Domain Controller issue, Fixing Domain Controller Replication Failure issues Couple of days ago, I noticed that one of the Domain controller wasn’t replicating to another Domain Controller in a different site. I deleted the site link, and re-created

How to Export Active Directory Attributes Using Powershell

You can write a powershell script to export active directory attributes to a .txt or .csv file as required First of All, you will need to install the AD Powershell Module in the server where you will be running the

How to update Manager Attribute in Active Directory for Bulk users

Couple of days ago I was asked to make some AD bulk change. A list of users that is currently residing in different OU’s have a particular manager. This manager has left the organisation. I know have to change the