secure boot enabled cannot change acceptance level to community vsphere 6.5

Today I have loaded ESXi 6.5 in my Whitebox PC.
My mainboard is a Asus M5197 R2 motherboard that came with an onboard Realtek NIC which doesn’t work with Esxi 5.5 onwards.
So I wanted to install a community version of VBA as explained in my earlier post Link

After I logged in to esx shell and I tried to change from PartnerSigned mode to CommunitySupported mode I was greeted with this Error message – “secure boot enabled cannot change acceptance level to community”

If you are wondering what it is.

This is basically a your Motherboards Bios setting. New generation motherboards has the Secure Boot Enabled with some PKI Key. The only way to disable this Secure Boot is to Delete only the PKI Key and reboot System

In my case it was pretty simple.
I had to go to BIOS advance settings and locate the PKI Key which was residing inside the Windows OS settings, once I deleted the PKI Key and rebooted, the Secure boot was disabled.

This allowed me to continue on with the rest of my work.

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