Azure Cloud Services Migration from ASM TO ARM

Recently I was consulting for an Enterprise customer that wanted to move a number of their resources from Classic to Resource manager portal.
This is the migration path & step by step process that I followed
My previous post that explains the step by step process 
Mircosoft link that has some steps missing

Important Note

An important idea is to take a note that in ASM, you could create a cloud service and have 1 or 2 VM / endpoint but the VM wasn’t necessary to be part of a VNET. However, in ARM, when you have a cloud service as an IAAS as in when you have a cloud service that is attached to a VM, that VM must be attached to a VNET.

You can migrate a cloud service and VM from ASM to ARM only within the same subscription under the same region. If you want to move the cloud service & VM to a different subscription then what you have to do is called a VHD move which is copying the VHD from ASM, creating a new VM in ARM and attach the newly created VM to the copied VHD from ASM.

To move a cloud service from ASM to ARM, follow the below command,

First get a list of cloud services by supplying below command

Get-AzureService | ft Servicename

Now build your command by supplying the below in powershell

$serviceName = "My Service"
 $deployment = Get-AzureDeployment -ServiceName $serviceName
 $deploymentName = $deployment.DeploymentName

Now you have 2 option for Migration, described below, read carefully

Option 1. Migrate the VMs to a platform-created virtual network (Remember that the VM must be attached to a VNET, that is why its creating a platform created VNET)

First validate if the cloud service can be migrated using the below command

  • $validate = Move-AzureService -Validate -ServiceName $serviceName¬†-DeploymentName $deploymentName -CreateNewVirtualNetwork

    If you receive any error message or warning it maybe either for BGinfo or azure security or backup issues, please follow my previous posts for remediation to those issues.
    Otherwise if validation passes then supply below command to progress to prepare stage
    Move-AzureService -Prepare -ServiceName $serviceName-DeploymentName $deploymentName -CreateNewVirtualNetwork

    If validation passes ok then prepare should also pass ok. it prepare fails, then you can abort move by supplying the abort command as below

    Move-AzureService -Abort -ServiceName $serviceName -DeploymentName $deploymentName

    Otherwise commit the move by supplying the below command

    Move-AzureService -Commit -ServiceName $serviceName -DeploymentName $deploymentName

    Option 2. Migrate to an existing virtual network in the Resource Manager deployment model (remember you can only move to an existing virtual network within the same region, if the region where you migrating to, doesn’t have a vNET then you will need to fall back to option 1)¬†

    Assuming that you have an existing vnet then follow the below commands ( get the existing resourcegroup and vnet name and the subnet name where you are moving the cloud service / vm to)

    • $existingVnetRGName = "myResourceGroup"
      $vnetName = "myVirtualNetwork"
      $subnetName = "mySubNet"

    Now validate the migration using the below command

    $validate = Move-AzureService -Validate -ServiceName $serviceName-DeploymentName $deploymentName -UseExistingVirtualNetwork -VirtualNetworkResourceGroupName $existingVnetRGName -VirtualNetworkName $vnetName -SubnetName $subnetName$validate.ValidationMessages

    If validation fails then work through the error message otherwise progress to prepare stage by supplying the following command
    Move-AzureService -Prepare -ServiceName $serviceName -DeploymentName $deploymentName-UseExistingVirtualNetwork -VirtualNetworkResourceGroupName $existingVnetRGName-VirtualNetworkName $vnetName -SubnetName $subnetName

    If the prepare fails then abort using the abort command otherwise move to prepare by supplying the below command

    $vmName = "myVM"
        $vm = Get-AzureVM -ServiceName $serviceName -Name $vmName

    Now commit supplying the below command

    Move-AzureService -Commit -ServiceName $serviceName -DeploymentName $deploymentName

    Feel free to check my previous post that talks about VNET Migration

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