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Server Error in ‘/’ Application – SharePoint 2013

Background Information Server 2012 Standard: Front Web Server Server 2012 R2 x 2: SQL Server2012 (Windows Clustered) SharePoint server is being as a the primary DMS (Document Management System) since 2012. Since the roll up of the server, no windows

How to use Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter

As azure is taking of I wanted to get my teeth in. My company is in the process of uploading some key service servers from the current VCentre environment to Azure. I won’t bore you about how to create a

How to Export Active Directory Attributes Using Powershell

You can write a powershell script to export active directory attributes to a .txt or .csv file as required First of All, you will need to install the AD Powershell Module in the server where you will be running the

How to update Manager Attribute in Active Directory for Bulk users

Couple of days ago I was asked to make some AD bulk change. A list of users that is currently residing in different OU’s have a particular manager. This manager has left the organisation. I know have to change the

PowerShell Bulk AD user import – Windows Server 2012 R2

Every now & then you might be up for a task where you have to import a bulk amount of users in your Active Directory. As an Infrastructure engineer, this can be a time consuming & hard task if you

How to mail enable already created AD users in Bulk

Requirement Exchange management Shell AD OU Name Steps Open Exchange management shell Get a list of users who is not Mailbox Enabled for a Particular OU, & belong to a particular Department. For this we need to use Filter syntax.

How to Bulk import DHCP Reservation of IP Address that is not leased out yet

Create an excel spread sheet, the data value of the excel spreadsheet must be like below ScopeId,IPAddress,Name,ClientId,Description,,Computer1,1a-1b-1c-1d-1e-1f,Reserved for Computer1,,Computer2,2a-2b-2c-2d-2e-2f,Reserved for Computer2,,Computer3,3a-3b-3c-3d-3e-3f,Reserved for Computer3 Below is a screenshot of what the excel sheet should look like Important –